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Chemical Peels

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 Chemical Peels

Chemical peels, which may be performed at our offices in Branson, MO or at home by following the directions of your aesthetician, work to maximize skin tone health. The treatment removes damaged skin cells with a chemically-based solution that causes an aging layer to peel off. When this happens you might notice a clearer complexion emerge as your own healthy natural oils resurface on all new layers of unscathed pearly white skin cells (the process is called rejuvenation). Chemical treatments like glycolic acid and lactic acid [1] provide beautiful results for some common concerns such as acne scarring; however if more damage has occurred then one might need more aggressive resurfacing utilizing trichloroacetic acid which can also handle wrinkles and hyperpigmentation problems when combined with other topical procedures such as microdermabrasion or laser treatments – but only after consultation!


An examination in our office is the first step in improving your skin. At Pure Tranquility Spa, we will assess your skin and then recommend a chemical peel treatment for you to get the best results possible. Chemical peels can help with visible concerns that may include scars, rough patches, hyperpigmentation(darks pots), flaky skin or sun spots-theyarealsoperfectifyou have fine lines and more! We can offer different types of peels depending on what type of concern need help with as well as whether it’s a womanorman who needs it. OUR CHEMICAL PEEL TECHNIQUEWHAT TO EXPECT from  a CHEMICAL PEEL TECHNIQUE

The intensity and depth of your chemical peel will determine how long the recovery period is. Your skin may be irritated, itchy, and peeling for a few days up to a couple weeks. If you are interested in long-term results for your skin care routine after that point we can get you set up with an at-home setuppost the procedure.Output:Damaged facial skin can look irritated and feel itchyaswellasdevelopsuperficial scarring frompickingoffthoseexfoliatingflakes! The sun also hassum negative effects on damaged or weak facial skin so if you want to avoid wrinkles ahead put on sunscreen whenever exposed to UV rays(e.g.,whenoutside).

WhengettingtreatmentslikeAquaFacialsremember that they’re safe toosincethey’vebeenproven effective across all agerangesregardless of gender with certainconditionssuchasfinelines,acnescars,congestedporesetceterabenefittingmostoftenbut not exclusivelybecausemoreseriousissuessuchoutputtingbacteria-whichcouldlead to inflammation in otherparts of the body including eyesight loss – have never surfaced during testing phases typically conducted over several months though this is by no means exclusive information given only results obtained through research; even then both parties must take responsibility.

Brown spots, or sunspots

Chronic acne outbreaks

Reduced skin firmness and elasticity

Fine lines and wrinkles

Large Pores On The Face

Oily or greasy skin thatbreaksoutmoreoftenthandesired.