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What to expect during Microneedling

Before treatment, a numbing topical is applied to allow for a near-painless experience. You may feel pressure and the vibrating sensation during treatment. Immediately after, you will feel like you have moderate to severe sunburn and your skin may feel warm and tighter than usual but this should subside within 1-2 hours with recovery at 24 hours or sooner.

How to prepare for Microneedling

To ensure that you are in the best condition for your treatment, discontinue use of retinoids and prescription topical treatments 14 days before. If prone to cold sores, take Valtrex or something similar a few days prior to make sure they don’t break out during treatment. This process cannot be performed on pregnant or breast-feeding patients due to the numbing cream applied before treatment.

What Microneedling does:

The SkinPen device is a safe and affordable way to stimulate collagen production. It does this by making tiny cuts on your skin at high speed with a disposable tip that contains 11 microneedles. This process will encourage the body’s natural ability to regrow and repair skin through normal physiological processes, if you are suffering from wrinkles or stretch marks for example. The SkinPen device is as efficient as other treatments like fractional laser or intense pulsed light but it also has shorter recovery periods of 3-4 weeks between each treatment, which means more time for you! You can use the SkinPen on any area in need of improvement – even your face! A series of 3-6 treatments spaced every three months is recommended so get started today!