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Massages: 30 minute massage $39

 60 minute massage $69

  90 minute massage $94

 Facials Classic Facial $50

 Hydro Facial $69

  Dermaplaning  Facial  $60

 Oxygeneo with Dermplaning $125

Tranquility Package  $120 Spa Pedicure  $35

Custom Facial

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A facial is a service offered at Pure Tranquility Spa that includes deep-cleansing the skin and exfoliating it with a mask or scrub. It also entails extracting any dirt or excess oil from congested pores, massaging your face with nourishing serums to moisturize and protect against UVA/UVB rays. To end the treatment, our licensed aesthetician will apply SPF moisturizer to shield your skin from UV damage after performing this intimate service for you!

Our Facial Technique

During Any Given Session, most people will experience an initial deep cleansing before proceeding with a variety of other steps such as extractions(removing blackheads),steaming(to open up pores),rejuvenating masks & serums tailored for theirspecificskinstype;moisturizingcreamsinfused with plant oils that are effective at maintaining moisture levels with out greasy residue etc.