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Massages: 30 minute massage $39

 60 minute massage $69

  90 minute massage $94

 Facials Classic Facial $50

 Hydro Facial $69

  Dermaplaning  Facial  $60

 Oxygeneo with Dermplaning $125

Tranquility Package  $120 Spa Pedicure  $35




Microdermabrasion treatments can help target uneven tone and provide an exfoliant other than chemical peel or microdermabrasion at our office following consultation to decide what services will give you the best results!

The process starts with you lying back in a comfortable chair, while your facial skin is being prepared. Microdermabrasion handpieces will pass across your skin as they polish and vacuum the dead cells and crystals from it. Although the procedure may feel unusual to you (or even painful if we are honest), it shouldn’t be so bad that numbing cream or local anesthesia is needed for this treatment. The microdermabrasion will be applied evenly over all areas of selected on your body, with greater care for sensitive areas around the eyes where delicate skin needs extra protection from harsh exfoliation treatments like these ones. As soon as everything has been done, any residues found on our clean face are removed before moisturizer containing sunscreen-selected according to anything but our unique type of sensitive -is massaged into them by skilled hands.